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Php displaying parts of code while executing the rest of the page correctly

So you have installed/reinstalled you web server and suddenly your page display bits and parts of php code between perfectly executed templates and scripts.

the culprit is php.ini.

edit it and set the option short_open_tag to « on » and restart your apache/lighttp client.


If set to off, it will disregard any php code writen between <? … ?> and only interpret what is between <?php ..?>.

Youtube downloader (video and audio) (also, dailymotion vimeo…)

Something i came upon, to download a youtube video (seems to also works with dailymotion, facebook videos, vimeo… complete list on the website), no need to install a browser plugin, simply add « ss » after the www. 
Exemple: To download  ->

You’ll just have to chose the format you want to download to and right click -> download.