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Miami Vise (hmm)

So this is a little 3D printing project (that maybe exists elsewhere, i don’t know), that I made in order to be able to maintain small and large pieces above a surface that is not specially made for tinkering  (kitchen table and the like). This will allow you to cut or pierce « safely ».

It comes in two separate pieces: the main body and the holding part. The main body is 100mm x 100mm x 75mm.

I haven’t tested it yet, and you’ll probably have to print more than one to properly hold something (depends on how large the thing you want to hold is).  To mound it you’ll also need a bolt and a winged nut. Put the bolt into the hole in the main body, with the head inside, heat it a little (not really needed but helps holding the bolt and the holder together) and put the second part on it, then just put the winged nut on top, you’ll use it to tighten the pieces you want to hold.

main bodyholding partvise


Merlin Hotend

So you have a nice reprap 3D printer and you use a Merlin HotEnd. Yep, those are fine, until they clog. And when they do, be EXTRA careful with the nozzle. If you are printing with ABS, some ABS juice will fuse the nozzle and the body part, and since the nozzle is extremely thin, any excessive force (don’t even think about using plier, I broke mine with my fingers, nice and clean) will simply cut it off.

merlin not so hotend

If you are lucky, unlike me, you can still remove the threaded part with a pin or a needle (heat it slightly) and find another nozzle.

Why Internet Explorer won’t launch in immersion mode (windows 8)

So, you have a computer or a tablet with windows 8 and you want to use IE in immersion mode, but it keep launching the desktop version.  Don’t rage, it’s a feature. If IE is not your default browser then the immersion mode will not be available.  To get it back, you’ll need to set IE as the default browser again.

Go to Internet options (configuration panel) and select IE as default browser again: